Empowering Organisations

Our Quantum data and analytics portal empowers organisations with actionable data, profound insights, and efficient control mechanisms, resulting in control, transparency and insight to drive operational performance and reduce costs.

According to a recent report by the International Association for Contract Management, an average of 9% of annual turnover is lost yearly due to “value leakage.”  In addition, research with the University of Liverpool outlined that over 50% of the expected value of a contract in the first year is either lost or does not materialise due to “value dissonance” or significantly higher contract costs than initially agreed occur due to either buyer or supplier behaviour.

Often these issues occur due to a need for more control, technology and visibility.  Quantum addresses these issues by providing organisations access to detailed operational data and various views and insights, supporting a robust approach to contract and spend management.

Quantum replaces the reliance on multiple spreadsheets and supplier data requests with a centralised data source, enabling real-time interventions that reduce costs, minimise disruptions, and improve operational efficiency.

By consolidating all procurement and supply chain data through its user-friendly, single-view portal, it empowers customers to take complete control. In addition, it highlights the performance changes required to manage suppliers, contracts, and operations effectively.

The Quantum platform offers a suite of data and insight applications, including:

Spend Management

Identifies spend analysis, headline spend and core product optimisation analysis. Enables tactical and strategic cost management, planning and compliance.

Contract Management

Delivers a centralised view of all supplier contracts, allowing improved visibility and control, enhanced planning capability, and streamlined processes for triggering contract extensions.

Strategic Cost Management

Provides an online cost management system. This enables customers to manage and fully visualise spending on significant capital projects in real time.

Payment Solutions

Allows consolidation all of spend into one monthly flexible payment. This has a major effect on efficiency and the costs associated with processing invoices.


Empowers analysis across multiple suppliers, offering consolidated views, identifying operative and supplier behaviours.

Account Card Solutions

Facilitates on-demand management of operative account cards, allowing a self-service application for new account cards and amendments to existing ones.

Cost Modelling

Assists in estimating development costs for potential sites based on multiple criteria. It aids in identifying indicative prices for MMC Category-1 solutions, facilitating early comparisons against other quotations.

Supplier Selection

Provides a simple tool for selecting and refining a supplier list against customer-specific criteria, streamlining supplier engagement.

Spend Validation

Highlights supplier’s compliance with commercial arrangements allowing to recover overcharges, better manage the supplier and work constructively with the Member to create better catalogue coverage of spend.

With the Quantum platform’s comprehensive suite of data and insight applications, organisations can transform their supply chain management, optimise procurement processes, and drive significant cost savings while enhancing operational efficiency.